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The New Standard In Smartphones Has Arrived The World’s First 5G Rugged Smartphone

Redefine The Speed

Blackview BL6000 Pro 5G is one of a kind. It’s equipped with cutting-edge 5G strength to give you the blazing fast 5G connectivity to match every need. And it keeps the tough DNA from Blackview rugged phone legacy with excellently waterproof, dropproof, and dustproof performance. On top of that, it can work in -30℃ freezing temperature that no other phones can do in the market. The top-notch camera system can’t let the photography lovers down either. And it has large storage, long-lasting battery, crystal clear display to get everything done perfectly.

Long-Lasting Battery

While you’re benefiting from the 5G speed, faster battery draining could be a issue. Fortunately you can be reassured when using the BL6000 Pro. 5280mAh big battery with top electrical core, coupled with painstakingly software optimization, it has the power to outlast your day and the intelligence to save power for the things you do most.

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