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See A Sneak Peak Of The New 6-Siege Ash Edition! Available Now To Pre-Order

See a sneak peak of a unique new pair of gaming glasses that we are launching on March 16, 6-Siege Ash Edition! Pre-Order Now!

Preorder your pair of 6-Siege Ash Edition unisex gaming glasses to stay sharp, alert and protected! This unique design is taken directly from the glasses worn in game by operative Ash, with semi-rimless, wide lens frame for optimal viewing. The adaptive GUNNAR patented lens is perfect for gaming indoors and changes to sunglasses when you go outside.

Not only are these glasses unisex, but they function like two pairs in one. The lens adapts when exposed to sunlight, changing from our signature Amber lens indoors to our Sun lens outside. These are available to pre-order on GUNNAR now.

Some of you may know a thing or two about what makes GUNNAR glasses so special, but do you know ALL the facts? Test your knowledge and check out the GUNNAR Difference trailer above. Show a loved one that you care about their vision by forwarding this link! We all should be wearing GUNNAR glasses, but some people just haven’t seen the light yet. One love. One vision. We should protect it.

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