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Summer Goes On Sale

Cook better, healthier, and faster with the addition of this Copper House Stove-top Grill. Ordinary pan frying leaves meat greasy on the outside and dry on the inside. Food grilled on Copper House Stove-top Grill stays moist while fat just drains away! Add water, wine, or your favorite sauces to the drip pan for more flavorful, smoke-free grilling. Use on your electric or gas stove. Not for use on electric solid elements or glass top stoves.

More is Better:

  • Enjoy delicious healthy barbecue meals any time of the year–in your home!
  • Copper-infused non-stick ceramic grilling plate
  • Extra thick black steel drip pan
  • Grill chicken, vegetables, steak, ribs, fish, burgers, and more right on your stove-top
  • PTFE/PFOS-free and dishwasher safe

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