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Digital Screen Time On The Rise According To Optometrist

Its no surprise, the stats are coming in. Screen time use in 2020 almost doubled across the board according to some recent news reports that have come out. Two of note include a live streaming data report from Steamlabs and a new study by United Health Care which focused on how to address this issue. This increase didn’t take into account the projected 60% rise in digital media use (TV/Game Console Media) that data research company Nielsen in 2019 already expected to happen in the Q3 2019 Total Audience Report pre COVID!

The message is clear. We are all using digital screens more and its time to take action. We know we need to protect our eyes. But what about the eyes of the kids that are growing up in an age where digital device use comes second nature to them and our family or friends that may not be aware of the potential harm they are doing to their vision?

GUNNAR, in partnership with optometrist Doctor Miki Lyn Zilnicki, O.D., F.C.O.V.D, created a new educational video to help people better understand all of this. Watch and share this trailer and join us on our crusade on education!

Doctor Zilnicki also has a regular podcast Vision is More Than 20/20 where she talks to other experts about the visual system and all the pieces to the vision puzzle. Its interesting, enlightening, and worth adding to your podcast playlist.

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